In the app Green Screen by Do Ink there are three layers that you can use. Layer 1- Usually for a basic photo or video, the background is placed in this layer. Layer 2- The video will go into. Students can either record their video using the iPad's camera and then transfer it to the app or record it … Continue reading Layers

Changing the background of the green section on an image

I've been having some fun exploring other ways to engage my students with green screen. Students prompted my curiosity when they realised that wearing green or having green material made sections invisible. Then I saw photos on Twitter of people trying things out with the photo of the Queen in a green outfit and recently … Continue reading Changing the background of the green section on an image


We all have our conscience which kicks in at certain times but we never see it right? Well, with green screen we've been doing work around our conscience. Students have been filming themselves first with a normal video which is layer 1 and then use the green screen to record their 'conscience' speaking to them which is layer 2. … Continue reading Conscience