Green Screen in Tech Club

Based on the data collected from students in the beginning weeks of Tech Club, the students wanted to learn how to use Green Screen. The first time we introduced green screen to the students we used AirServer to model the use of the app.

The first step was for students to form their own groups and create a storyboard for their video. Throughout the year, we created different videos for different purposes.

We explored different aspects of the app. Students were explicitly taught how to apply different layers to their video. Searched images from the internet, saving them and then using them on the Do Ink app.

Students explored things like:


-ghost feature

-making themselves tiny in the video. Watch video below to see what I mean.


Students were given free choice of theme for their video, as the purpose was to get them familiar with the app, so they could be the expert in their own classroom.





Miss Halil

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