Ghost Feature

What would happen if you wore green clothing or draped yourself with green material? That section of the body would become invisible!

My students have had a lot of fun with this effect. Students have become really engaged in their learning and I mean real engagement happening! All 3 pillars of engagement i.e. cognitive, affective and operative occur at the same time.

3 pillars posters.PNG

My students try different ways to make their videos entertaining for their audience by figuring out how to capture their attention within the first few seconds.

As you can see in the photo below, one of my students wanted to create the ‘ghost of King Tut’ in Egypt. He placed the green material over himself and used the mask prop of King Tut’s face so the audience could identify him as the ghost as King Tut. That’s where students become creative!


Student with green material covering his body, which becomes invisible


He’s now in Egypt as King Tut’s ghost

 Another example: Haunted House:


Try this out with your students, it’s a lot of fun!

Miss Halil

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