Have you ever heard of the app called Procreate? If not try it out! Procreate is an app students can use for art. They can sketch, merge photos together (like Photoshop) and paint. You can purchase this app for $5.99 from the app store.     I was first introduced to this app in 2013 and have been using … Continue reading Procreate

Book Creator app

Book Creator is an iPad app my students and I love to use in the classroom. It is an app that is not only limited to making eBooks, students can make comics, use it for presentation etc. My students use Book Creator for the following things: Reciprocal Teaching Throughout the years my students have done Reciprocal Teaching using Book Creator. … Continue reading Book Creator app

SAMR model and iPads apps

At Fairfield PS, students use iPads daily for different purposes. If you're familiar with the SAMR model, schools are moving away from substitution/augmentation (enhancement) to redefinition/modification (transformation). We are running professional learning to assist teachers in moving away from substitution towards redefinition. I love The Padagogy Wheel below, it shows the apps and activities linked to the SAMR model. We … Continue reading SAMR model and iPads apps