SAMR model and iPads apps

At Fairfield PS, students use iPads daily for different purposes. If you’re familiar with the SAMR model, schools are moving away from substitution/augmentation (enhancement) to redefinition/modification (transformation).


We are running professional learning to assist teachers in moving away from substitution towards redefinition. I love The Padagogy Wheel below, it shows the apps and activities linked to the SAMR model. We purchased apps like Do Ink, iMovie and GarageBand that allow students to create new things instead of using apps that are only used as a substitution in learning.


While I was looking up the SAMR model and links to iPad apps, I came across other posters which show which apps you can use in certain areas of learning.

This first one shows the different apps used in different Key Learning Areas.


This next one shows apps under different categories in 21st Century skills and literacies for iPads.


Finally Bloom’s Taxonomy for iPads, which links to the SAMR model below.Bloom-iPads-Apps-268amgp



It’s great to explore the different apps out there but don’t forget that linking it to higher order thinking in classrooms is the best way to go.

Miss Halil

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