Mats and tracks for robots

Are you over placing masking tape on carpet and it only lasting for a day or so?

Well this was constantly happening with me, especially with robotics club. Students were with me for a whole lunch and by the time they made their tracks and had a few turns with the robots it was the end of lunch. I needed to find a solution…..

My tech partner and I are presenting at the Inspire Innovate Conference on April 11th. We needed to find a solution to replace masking tape as we wouldn’t have enough time to set the tracks before our workshop.

We looked around for rugs and found the one below. This is great for classrooms as it will stay in one place, but it is quite heavy if you need to carry it from one classroom to another. We definitely couldn’t take this to the conference, so we needed a solution, fast!


We decided to purchase material from the material store down the road. We drew basic road tracks for one of the materials. We realised the entire section of the material needed to be painted so it wouldn’t crinkle then the robots turned.


We used our other materials to create a range of tracks for students. My tech partner designed the next one on a whiteboard. I believe it is a good idea to plan out your ideas first before drawing it on material.


We used school poster paint to paint the entire area of the material. The reason we painted the whole material was that the material was crinkling when Dash would turn. By painting the entire material, it allows Dash to drive and turn smoothly. HINT, HINT!!




I’ll be sharing more photos of the other mats which we’ve created for the conference. I hope this inspires you to explore cost effective and creative options.

You don’t need to spend big to get a great outcome!

Miss Halil

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