Dash robot storage/carry cases

As you might have read in my previous post, my school purchased 20 Dash robots so each stage could have 5 each. I looked a range of safe storage options that were cost effective.

Unfortunately Wonder Workshop don’t sell carry cases, so I began looking on eBay and Amazon for carry cases. I found some from Amazon but it would end up costing around $60-80 each and would cost a fortune for 20 Dash robots.

I explored other avenues like suit cases/luggage bags. After shopping at Strandbags for suit cases to use to transport our robots and materials for the Inspire Innovate Conference, I decided it was the best option.

My tech partner and I looked around for cheap, reliable suit cases and found some at Big W. As you can see, we purchased 4, 1 for each stage.


We also purchased mattress protector foam to place on the bottom of the suit case to provide some protection to the robots. We chose to buy this instead of purchasing expensive foam from Clark Rubber.


Once the cases were ready to put the Dash robots in, it was obvious that we needed something to protect the robots from bumping into each other and avoid having them get damaged or scratched. After brainstorm ideas, we thought beanies would be a cost effective solution. We found 20 thick beanies from Kmart for $7 each which worked a treat!



Finally, I added the 5 chargers, 10 building brick connectors and manuals. The kits were completed and ready to be given out to stage leaders.


Building brick connectors



Each case labelled with stage name

As with any other technology in the school, we need to keep a register of who borrows out the robots. Each stage leader was given their own booklet to borrow robots out to their stage. It is a good idea to have a borrowing system for any technology in the school but especially robots. This makes teachers accountable for these devices.


Robots don’t need expensive, fancy cases. Explore online for cost effective solutions like we did. The price different was amazing!

Hope this helps give you ideas if you are thinking of the best way to store your Dash robots.

Miss Halil

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