Have you ever heard of the app called Procreate? If not try it out!

Procreate is an app students can use for art. They can sketch, merge photos together (like Photoshop) and paint. You can purchase this app for $5.99 from the app store.




I was first introduced to this app in 2013 and have been using with my class every year since. We have this app installed on all school iPads in my school. In 2013, my students used this app to do art on Procreate as one of the options when we’d do art lessons.

As you can see in the image below I had a very talented artist who loved using Procreate and was really good at creating quality artworks of The Great Barrier Reef which was the unit we were exploring at the time. He would use Procreate in his spare time to create artworks of the GBR but also of random art as he was a passionate artist.



These 3 artworks are from the student in the photo above. By using the app, he was able to zoom into sections to focus on details, then zoom out to see the whole artwork.

Procreate allows students to zoom in and out to focus on detailing, they can shade, add highlights and more.



slide2Procreate is awesome because students can use it like Photoshop where they merge photos together. In 2015, my buddy class whose teacher is on the technology committee and is a great artist himself taught both his class and mine to merge photos together.

We decided to use this for our project for the Art and Film Festival at the end of the year. Our entry won the competition as students were amazed with images of dinosaurs in the playground and more. We then continued to use this app for a project our principal gave to the whole school, which was to design our new playground. You can see some of the images students put together.



Introduce your students to this app and use it for art activities. Trust me, you’ll love it.


Miss Halil




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