Lego StoryStarter packs

In 2016, my school purchased 34 Lego Education StoryStarter Curriculum Solution packs from Modern Teaching Aids. The purpose of this purchase was to get our students to use this for story writing and stop motion. I was lucky enough that the principal was onboard because he could see the benefits of purchasing these. Each class and community language classes were given a box each, Tech Club was given 3 and RFF was given 2.


If you are interested in purchasing LEGO StoryStarter for your school, watch ‘Introducing LEGO Education StoryStarter’ on Youtube. This will explain the benefits of using this product and will show you how to use this pack in your classroom.

When I first introduced this pack to students, I showed them a few YouTube clips from LEGO showing tips and tricks which I highly suggest you do. Unfortunately they’ve taken those videos down, which I’m devastated about. I’m sure if you search Lego Stop Motion tutorials online you might find some useful ones. If I find new videos in the near future, I’ll update this post.

I suggest you check out the StoryStarter tab in the download section for curriculum packs.

Before using the LEGO pack and app, students will need to complete a storyboard to map out their story/video. I used basic paper with students, but there is a Story Visualiser app you can install on iPads or access can it via the LEGO website to create digital storyboards.



available on iPads



You can find this app for free in the App Store

images (5)




Storyboards via the LEGO website


I’ll soon blog about how I used this in my class and Tech Club. The purpose of this post was to share another way to engage your students in the classroom.

Miss Halil

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