Make your own green screen material

Green screen has become the next best thing in schools. The main things you need are the Green Screen by Do Ink app which is available from the app store and green screen/material.

When I first started using green screen last year, I was silly enough to jump straight online and follow other bloggers’ suggestions of purchasing green screen online from eBay. I spent a good $140 on the entire green screen pack with lighting, as seen below.

After one use I noticed it wasn’t as great as I expected. The first time I used the green screen from eBay was when my class had a technology day. Not only did it take me a good 20 minutes or so to assemble the metal poles, but they were too short and not wide enough like the photo on eBay depicted it to be. The material needed to be held up with giant plastic clips, which kept falling off. If the clips weren’t falling off, it was the metal pole that would move sideways and the entire screen would constantly collapse.


My Tech Club partner and I decided to purchase plain green material from the material shop. For $3 a metre, we purchased 12 metres. At the start we pinned the material to the backwall with pins, but this became annoying trying to pin them together. During the 2 week holidays, I took the materials home and sewed them together.

I folded the corners to keep it neat and tidy, but also folded it enough at the back to be able to place a curtain pole or rope through it if need be. Slide8Slide9

On the back, I also sewed Velcro which is another way to attach the material to the wall. I put 2 or 3 long pieces of material together to create a long green screen to cover the back wall in my classroom. In total I created 3 or 4 sets of green screens for only $50 -70, which included the Velcro.


It took me 6 hours one Saturday afternoon to complete the sets of green screen, but it was worth the time. We’ve been using these materials in both our classrooms and Tech Club ever since. It does the same thing as the eBay material. It turned out to be cheaper, more reliable, bigger and better. 

I hope I’ve inspired you to create your own green screen sets. Why spend hundreds of dollars on eBay or Amazon when you can just buy cheap material and have something better?

Miss Halil


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