Step by step- how to share Book Creator eBooks

This post will show you how to share eBooks with others via different platforms.

The following are steps that will help you when sharing eBooks with others.

1. Once you are in the Book Creator app, go to the ‘bookshelf’/home page as seen below in this image.


2. After selecting your book, click on the share icon (square shape with arrow).


4 options will pop up:

-Export as ePUB- for reading in iBooks and editing

-Export as PDF- for printing and sharing

-Export as video- for posting to the web

-Publish online- with a teacher account



3. If you select ‘export as ePUB’, the following options and more will pop up. 


4. If you select ‘export as PDF’, the option for single or side by side pages will come up.


Once you’ve selected the page type, you may save the PDF straight to Seesaw, Google Drive or the iPad.


5. If you would like to share the eBooks as a video, select the ‘export to video’ option and the following options will come up.


You can save the video into your camera roll which will allow you to share it online, via email, Seesaw, social media and more.


6. The new option available is ‘publish online’, where students can publish their eBooks on their teacher’s Book Creator online account.


You will get the option to sign up with a Google account, email address or if you have an account already, the teacher will need to sign into their accounts.


Hope this helps!

Miss Halil




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