Seesaw: Learning Journal

Have you heard about Seesaw? If not Google it now!!!

seesaw app icon.pngIt’s a student driven digital portfolios (but teachers can add things too) and parent communication tool. It allows students to independently upload their work for their teacher and parents to view.

For teachers this is great because it allows us to give students effective feedback on their work and also allows us to see what students have done when we’re not working with them.

Seesaw allows students to provide peer feedback to each other.

For parents, it’s a great way for students to show them what new learning they’ve done in class. Parents can like and provide feeback for their child’s work.

I use Seesaw in my classroom and love it, both students and I take photos and send it to their parents. I have to approve their work or comments before it’s publish, which I think is a great idea!

I have made a poster that has the QR code for students to scan when they enter the app. Students were using one poster to scan the code, so I scaled it down to fit these frames which I bought from Ikea.


The posters are back-to-back so students can access the QR code from anywhere they sit. I have 1 frame per student table, 1 on my conference table to use when I work with a group of students and 2 more at other work areas in the room.



Teachers can use the website or app to upload photos or worksamples they have stored on their PC, phone or iPad which is what I do.

Once you log into Seesaw as a teacher, you’ll need to click on the icon that’s circled in red (your initials) and click ‘add item’ to add the following:

-photo, video, drawing, camera roll, note and link.



I personally think it’s a nice way to communicate with parents and allow them to see the work that’s happening in the classroom.

Miss Halil

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