Seesaw PL

You may have read my blog about my experience with Seesaw in my classroom. I presented some professional learning about the app on November 9th, 2016 to interested staff where I shared my journey and thoughts on this amazing app and the benefits to teachers, students and parents.


I began the session by showing them my class account and how my students and I use Seesaw to communicate with the parents. I explained how effective it’s been for me to use this app to see how the students are going with their independent work while I’m working with my guided groups. I explained how we use this app for teacher, peer and parent feedback too. NOTE: It’s also a great tool for assessment!


I can see which parents have seen, commented or liked student posts


You can also post notes/messages to parents

After showing the amazing features of the app, I demonstrated how to set up a class account. This was modelled via AirServer which mirrored the iPad to the IWB, so teachers could see step-by-step how to do this.

I created a fake class and got them to sign in as a student where they practised using Seesaw. Staff were given the chance to take photos, videos or write notes and post it in their journals under their name. Then, I demonstrated how teachers would have to approve or deny photos before parents were able to see it.



Next, staff practised giving feedback using the comment section on the app and once again I showed that any comments from students and parents would need to be approved by the teacher.


After this, I showed them how to invite parents using the handout/QR code or email option. They were also shown how to get students to sign up using the class QR code.

QR Code Reader.png

Staff used the QR Reader app to access the class account


Invite parents via the handout or email option. I personally prefer the handout option because of the QR code



Little introduction on Seesaw for parents.



New feature which allows teachers to see which parents are connected to Seesaw. LOVE THIS FEATURE!



Parents get individual QR codes which allows them to see ONLY THEIR CHILD’S account



I used the Seesaw original QR code (left) and made it into a poster (right) with some description for my students to use in the classroom.


Printed the posters and placed them back to back in the colourful frames from IKEA. Each table has one for easy access

My plan for next year is to expand Seesaw and get more teachers using it. Hopefully it will become a whole school thing.

Have a go using Seesaw with your class and let me know how you go in the comment section below. I’d love to hear your journey too!

Miss Halil






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