We all have our conscience which kicks in at certain times but we never see it right?

Well, with green screen we’ve been doing work around our conscience. Students have been filming themselves first with a normal video which is layer 1 and then use the green screen to record their ‘conscience’ speaking to them which is layer 2.

Students have recorded themselves in different situations such as struggling to sound out words and then their conscience telling them they can do it. This focuses on growth mindset. For the bullying program our buddy class have been working on students ‘bullying’ each other, they suddenly stop and their conscience kicks in and tells them to stop and say why they shouldn’t bully others.

As you can see in these photos, we’ve been doing some work on students’ conscience.

In these photo, the student is being recorded as normal. This becomes layer 1 on the green screen app.


For the 2nd layer, this is where the conscience comes in. Students are in front of the green background and record their ‘conscience’ telling them to change and stop their negative behaviour or mindset.



I thought I’d have a go at it and it turned out to be a fun thing to try out.


Some ways to link it to learning:

-Growth mindset


Use your imagination and try different ways to link this to student learning.

Try this out with your students and let me know how you went in the reply section!

Miss Halil

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