Changing the background of the green section on an image

I’ve been having some fun exploring other ways to engage my students with green screen. Students prompted my curiosity when they realised that wearing green or having green material made sections invisible. Then I saw photos on Twitter of people trying things out with the photo of the Queen in a green outfit and recently with the green pool at the Olympics. I thought I’d try this out and my students loved the idea.

These 2 photos are of the Queen wearing a green outfit.

Now you can see that I’ve made her outfit fruity!


It’s simple to do! Start by adding a background image as layer 1 and photo 1 of the Queen as layer 2. You don’t need to have 2 photos in one but I added a 2nd photo of the Queen as layer 3. I pinched and played around with the photos in order to have them side by side. In the image below you can see which layer each photo goes in.


Here’s a slideshow of some of the images I made.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Recently the Olympics were on at Rio, you might have heard that the diving pool turned green? Well people thought of using the same technique I discussed above with the photos of the pool. I thought I’d do the same.

With the following images, you’ll see the original photo with the green water followed by the photos I made using the Do Ink app.

With this first image, I played around the original photo to make the diver face sideways. I pinched and turned the image to make it look like Dory and Nemo were looking at the divers.




With the images below, I just added a photo of Dory and Nemo looking up at the divers and one of a shark in the pool. You can use your imagination and put another photo that suits the setting.





This is another way to tap into student interest. Have a play around with it and let me know how you went in the reply section.

Miss Halil


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