Book Creator app

Book Creator is an iPad app my students and I love to use in the classroom. It is an app that is not only limited to making eBooks, students can make comics, use it for presentation etc. My students use Book Creator for the following things:

Reciprocal Teaching

Throughout the years my students have done Reciprocal Teaching using Book Creator. I chose to do it with an iPad to allow for more collaboration and communication to occur. Students can record their predictions, clarifications, questions and summaries through video recording, voice recording or typing.





There is a comic option in Book Creator, WHICH I LOVE AND AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT 🙂

Get students to create their own comics using multiple frames, speech and thought bubbles and stickers like ‘awesome!’ and ‘amazing!’.



Book Creator is great for eBooks, where students can create books on the topics they are learning about. Since using Book Creator, my students have created eBooks every year and love it!

Presentations and other things…

My students use this app for their Inquiry-Based Learning presentations during S.O.L.E, and Genius Hour. Even though Book Creator isn’t a presentation app, my students find it easy to use.

We’ve also used Book Creator to record our See, Think, Wonder.


I’ll be posting more about Book Creator and show some of the work we’ve done using this app. Stay tune 🙂

Miss Halil

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