How to support students and teachers in Coding

My students have been coding using apps and programs such as: Hopscotch, The Foos, Kodable, Scratch (1,2, Jnr), Minecraft, Bee-Bot, Lightbot Hour, Cargo-Bot, Daisy the Dinosaur and Tynker. They have been using iPads or PCs during our computer room time. Some have been using the iPad apps, while others have been using Scratch online or

At first I found coding quite challenging until I used the online tutorials (Hopscotch YouTube channel and WPL Scratch Project) and step-by-step instruction booklets to help me out. Now, I find coding engaging and easy to do thanks to these booklets and I thought my students could use them as well to guide them in coding. I printed the lessons from the Hopscotch Curriculum and Scratch lessons/activities from Code Club Australia. I went to my local office supplies store ‘Officeworks’ and got these printed. After printing I had these bound which cost a fair bit, but it’s something that can be used over many years.



The first lessons after paper coding, I modelled students how to use these booklets, I showed them how to follow and read the instructions properly. Once students got the hang of it they went off coding using these booklets.


Example of one of the lessons from the Hopscotch Curriculum


I also purchased some coding books (below), which have explanations of the programs/apps and also have step by step instructions to create games. I’ve been reading some of these to help me understand how to code.



Recently, I purchased ‘Hello Ruby-Adventures of Coding’ which is about a girl with an imagination and focuses on growth mindset through the belief that you can do anything that you set your mind to. What I love about this book is that while Ruby embarks on her adventure, it introduces children to the basic concepts of coding. Each chapter, has set activities which will engage your students.c3

Check out the Hello Ruby website for information about coding.

I personally can’t wait to learn more about coding and when I do I’ll be sure to share it with you all.

Miss Halil



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