Starting up Tech Club

A technology committee member and I began tech club at our school this year and have been running it during lunch every Monday.

We decided the best way to get the high student engagement was to give them a voice in what they wanted to learn. We gave them access to a Google Form and asked them some general questions about their knowledge around iPads etc. Students were given the choice out of a few popular apps such as Procreate, iMovie, green screen etc.

tc form

Google Form students filled in

As you can see, green screen was the most wanted app to explore in tech club, so we started off with it. In my opinion, it’s important to allow students to have a voice in what they want to learn in order to have high engagement. Google Form is a great way to collect that data that will then drive your teaching.


Using data to drive our teaching

The following week we started off with getting students to form groups of 3 or 4, once again allowing students to make the choice of who to work with. Once students formed their groups, they created a storyboard or script to plan out their film.

So far students have been filming their videos and are having a fun time doing so!

Miss Halil

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