Green Screen by Do Ink

icon175x175Where do I start with this amazing app?

I started using this app this year in class, tech club and during buddies. My students love using it! A colleague and I found different ways to make green screen more engaging for our students. We have been experimenting with ghost features and tapping into their ‘conscience’ with special effects and we can’t wait to discover more. I post a lot about what we’ve been doing on my Twitter accounts @TechwMissHalil and @zaliheh. Please feel free to follow these accounts if you want to learn more about what I’m doing with this awesome app.

Throughout my journey of blogging about green screen I’ll share what cool tricks we’ve thought of, which could help you implement these in your classroom.

Now, if you don’t have ‘Green Screen by Do Ink’ installed on your iPad please install it. It’s a great app! Green Screen by Do Ink-App Store.

I hope you find my future posts on green screen useful!

Miss Halil

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