Class Twitter policy launch

On Monday, July 18th, staff returned to work ready for Term 3. We had our Staff Development Day around the Geography syllabus. I was very fortunate enough to be asked to present Twitter for teachers and the class Twitter policy and guideline, which I’ve been working on for a while now.


Photo taken by David Smith

I personally love sharing what I’m doing in my classroom and with Tech Club. I used to use my personal handle @zaliheh to tweet about my class and Tech Club but now have expanded to 3 different handles/accounts. @zaliheh-personal, @4ZFPS-class account and @TechwMissHalil-for Technology.

During my presentation I explained the benefits of Twitter for teachers, hashtags, handles, Twitter vocabulary etc. It was a brief run down of Twitter, as I arranged 2 hands on Twitter PL sessions for further support.

Twitter is great for educators, it’s all about sharing, networking and connecting! If you’re not using it, I recommend you do.


Photo taken by Ian Casey


I finished off by presenting the class Twitter policy and guideline. Staff were given a copy of the policy, where we went through it, discussed and clarified some points. Now that the policy is launched, teachers are starting to create their class accounts. This policy also allows RFF/ESL/CL and support staff, as well as teachers who lead extra curricular groups to create their own accounts as well.

These are same of the accounts set up so far at Fairfield Public School:

4Z- @4ZFPS

1C- @1CFPS

Miss Halil’s Technology role- @TechwMissHalil

Lansdowne Zone PSSA @Lansdownezone

Miss Halil


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