About my role

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I’m Miss Halil, computer coordinator at Fairfield Public School in NSW Australia. I’ve been doing this amazing job for 2.5 years, while being a full time classroom teacher and have loved every single moment. Before becoming coordinator, I was on the technology committee where I established our school Twitter page @FPS1895, assisted with iPads and other areas. This gave me to have the confidence, knowledge and experience to take on the role of coordinator.

Soon after taking over as coordinator in 2014, I got used to how things worked, learnt things by myself and experienced a year where I focused on the technical side of technology. In my 2nd year as coordinator in 2015 my focus turned to professional learning for teachers as well as continuing to improve the technology in my school.

I have spent the first part of 2016 reflecting on my role and with the support and guidance from Annette Udall and participating in @COSLead as an aspiring leader, I have grown in confidence. My focus this year is more staff PL, plus all the old stuff I used to do. I’ve been sharing my knowledge and experiences of technology on Twitter using my personal account @zaliheh. This has allowed for collaboration and sharing to occur with other computer coordinators and ICT mentors, as well as other teachers who want to learn how to use certain apps. I am also doing in class support during my tech time, this is based on teacher needs. Also like I mentioned above, I’m conducting teacher PL with a technology committee member based on the needs of teachers. To support students with the changes in technology, we have started a tech club that occurs every Monday during lunchtimes. There so much more I plan to do for the rest of the year, which I’ll blog about!

I created this blog to share my knowledge and experience with teachers and other computer coordinators/ICT mentors out there. I hope you find this blog useful!

Thanks so much for reading!

Miss Halil

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