Seesaw PL 2017

On the 24th and 31st of May, I ran two Seesaw professional learning for new staff members and other staff who needed a refresher on the app. 

Staff were taken through the app step by step using their accounts. They were shown how to use Seesaw and how to communicate with parents. Staff had some hands on experience using the app to get them familiar with it. 

This year we went with Seesaw Plus so every classroom and NAP teacher would use it. We also purchased them a staff iPad to use for data and assessment collection using Seesaw and OneNote. Due to the change to Seesaw Plus, a lot of teachers who didn’t use the app last year needed professional learning on how to use Seesaw in their classroom. 

It only takes a good 15 to 20 minutes to learn the features of the app and it is worthwhile implementing it in your school. Seesaw is a great app to showcase student learning and to communicate with parents. If your school hasn’t explored this app yet, please do so as you’re missing out! 

Miss Halil 

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