Have you ever seen a Swivl in action? If not, go buy one for your school because it is an amazing tool.

My school purchased 4 of these in 2016 so we could use them to record meetings, presentations, lesson studies and use them in our classrooms. So far we’ve used the Swivl for staff meetings and lesson studies.

You might wonder what a Swivl is? A Swivl is a device that allows an iPad to move in the direction of the remote. It’s quite simple to use! You connect your iPad to it, set the Swivl up to the remote, set up the app to record and the iPad will move in the direction of the remote. The remote has sensors that allows the iPad/Swivl to follow in the direction that you move. You can hold the remote in your hand or use the lanyard that comes with the Swivl and wear it around your neck.

You will need to install the FREE Swivl app from the app store to use the Swivl device. Create an account to store videos into the cloud or choose the option to save it on your iPad. I will create a different blog post with step by step instructions on how to use the app. 

As you can see in the image below, I used 2 Swivl devices to record a lesson study. My stage has been working with Jo Rossbridge who is working with us for writing and grammar. She lead a lesson for our stage to demonstrate how ‘Mantle of the Expert’ works in the classroom. We wanted to watch this lesson again and also it was recorded so teachers who were absent that day wouldn’t miss out on the lesson.

I placed the first Swivl beside Jo as you can see in the image below and the second Swivl was placed at the back of the room. I set both remotes and attached it to the lanyards. It followed Jo in the directions she moved which allowed us to record everything she was doing.

Once the lesson was finished I was able to transfer the videos to my computer to share with others. In order to do this, you need to save it from the app to iPad then transfer it from iPad to computer or Google Drive which is another great option. I’ll go through that as well in my blog post with instructions.

My suggestion is to have a look around online for the cheapest price and start with one at least. You will love it and constantly use it. These days with schools implementing lesson studies into professional learning, this will be a great tool to have. This can be a useful way to reflect on lessons and provide feedback to colleagues.

Hope this post was useful and I hope to get the instructions blog post up on this site soon.

Miss Halil

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